A Place of Refuge

Welcome to the "Church of Refuge" website in Europe.

The "Church of Refuge" (CORe) initiative is designed to help local communities to develop meaningful youth work. You're welcome to explore the site and feel connected with Adventist churches, where young adults find a warm welcome and refuge.

Providing a refuge is a core value of the Bible.  The cities of refuge in the Old Testament are a witness to this (Deuteronomy 19). These were cities where safety, protection and care could be enjoyed. We want our churches to offer the same today. The CORe network is an international initiative who want to provide this.

We invite you to explore all possibilities, resources and events on this website. Should there be a CORe Church in your neighbourhood, feel free to visit - if not, maybe you can start one yourself and become part of the CORe network.

Click on the picture below to watch a thought by Paul Tompkins on the first principle: Accept.