Training Material

This section contains different training materials which will help you in developing, understanding and teaching the differen CORe concepts.

CORe Training Manual   1.06 mb download
This is the CORe training manual, with a theological explanation, per criteria a full description and a working plan for your church.





CORe Brochure_middle_size.pdf

Other Resources

This section contains resources related to the CORe criteria. They can also be found on the respective pages of each ressource.

A prayer stategy for CORe churches 287 kB download
Charter user guide 297 kB download
CORe leaflet 3 MB download
Local info leaflet  428 kB download
Parallel Connect Day 247 kB download
Reclaim  363 kB  download
Stages of faith 27 kB download
Guidelines for Lists and Welcome 145 kB download
How to be Relevant in the Community as Seventh-day Adventists 256 kB download











Video Thoughts

Here you can watch videos that have been produced for each CORe principle.

This is a link for our youtube-playlist. The pictures below are screeshots from worships by the various speakers.

You can read further by using the menu on the left for each principle.

Paul Tompkins, UK                                               Thomas Rasmussen, Denmark

Alastair, Agbaje, UK                                             Victor Marley, Norway

Tom de Bruin, Netherlands                                   Janos Kovacs-Biro, UK

Nathan Stickland, UK